The Birth of Evelyn

The Birth of Evelyn

image1Introducing Baby Evelyn!

Evelyn’s parents Helen and Matt attended my Couples’ Workshop and Evelyn is their second baby.

Helen’s first birth had been traumatic which had knocked both their confidence. Helen had felt panicked and out of control first time around and it was really important to both of them to learn techniques to remain calm and relaxed and to have a positive birth experience this time around.

And, they did! Thank you Helen for sharing your story:

“ Baby Evelyn has finally arrived … she was born three weeks ago on Mother’s Day … best Mother’s Day surprise ever!

 I have to admit I think I even shocked myself at how calm I managed to be! I would definitely recommend hypnobirthing to anyone. Just wish I’d known about it the first time around!

 She was 9 days late and, as you know, I was getting anxious about being overdue due to the size of my son and how traumatic his birth had been. I went to see Katie a few times (thank you so much for the recommendation as she was absolutely brilliant!) and had a total of 6 sweeps! But I’m definitely now a firm believer in that babies will choose to come when they are good and ready!!!

 My final sweep was on the Sunday morning and I started to get pains straight afterwards. A few hours later they were mild contractions and I carried on with plans to go to my brothers for lunch. By half 4 I had to excuse myself as could no longer hide them and wanted to go home to relax. They came thick and fast for the next 3 hours and I used the tracks you gave us and found the affirmations and the music really helped me to relax and almost enjoy the time at home. At 8pm we went to the hospital and were told I was 8cm dilated and rushed straight to delivery as her heartbeat was dropping with each contraction (found out later that this was due to the chord being wrapped around her shoulder). Just over an hour later she was born. It was a bit more stressful than I’d imagined due to all the extra doctors and panic over her heart rate, but I had the natural birth I had so wanted and definitely felt a sense of achievement about it all, and of course a huge relief that she was finally here.

 Anyway, I just really wanted to say thank you for your input and let you know that I found the tracks and hypnosis so useful, not just in labour, but in the run up to it all as well.

 On the day they kept me calm and positive throughout the day and gave me the confidence to listen to my intuition and arrive at the hospital at exactly the right time.

 Hypnosis is definitely something I’m now interested in moving forward as well.”


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