The Birth of Amelie

The Birth of Amelie

Amelie is Gill and Dan’s second baby and they were keen to explore different ways of preparing for, approaching and coping with labour and birth this time around. Gill was totally committed to listening to her tracks and understood how and why hypnobirthing works. By the time she went into labour she had trust in her body’s ability to birth her baby and was feeling confident and informed…. leading to a very different birth experience this time around.

Thank you Gill for sharing your story!

“I had a sweep in the afternoon so I knew things were potentially going to get going. I started to have fairly mild contractions about 6pm which I just sort of ignored to be honest as they weren’t too bad

At about 9ish I put the Pregnancy Relaxation track on I think and got really comfy and zoned out listening to that.

Then about 11.30 we went to the birthing centre as the contractions had really stepped up in intensity. When we got there they examined me and found I was only 2cm

If I’m honest I went a bit despondent at that point, it felt like my body was playing tricks on me and that this baby was staying put forever!

I had a sleep and woke up at about 2.30 and the pains were getting quite difficult to bear, Dan was asleep and I had a moment of real panic! When I had Louie I had quite a lot of intervention and pain relief in the end so this was a really new experience in terms of how labour was progressing! Then I remembered to put on the  Releasing Fears and Anxiety track and started my breathing, I was focusing on 4 secs in and 8 secs out

I jumped in the bath at this point which really helped with the beach visualisation which I found so relaxing.

Next thing I knew it was about 4.30/5am and although my contractions were getting stronger and closer together I was still only 5cm with waters intact

Cue another examination during which my my waters went spontaneously and mortiyingly all over the midwife

After that I had a pretty quick active labour and I had all of your tracks playing on a loop, including (bizarrely) the caesarean one which I’d downloaded just in case we had to go down that route and which I listened to about 4 times until the midwife asked if she was hearing things!

During this I went through transition as I started pushing and had a real ‘no I can’t do this, you’ll have to bring me some pethidine and I think this gas and air has run out’ moment (it hadn’t).

The midwife very calmly talked me down and encouraged me to pick my breathing back up and zone back in on the tracks playing. They definitely helped and when I came to the last stage of pushing I was totally focused on breathing the baby down and rather than panicking every time I felt her progress down, I took it as a positive thing that she was moving along naturally without any intervention

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t tell you which track I was on by then, they all blurred into one but because I’d practiced during pregnancy, the familiarity of your voice allowed me to slip back into my own relaxation that I’d been practicing and that in turn made for a much easier less complicated birth

No stitches or even grazing, we established feeding immediately and we were home 6 hours later! It couldn’t really have gone any better … and I felt rather empowered afterwards, I feel like it’s (hypnobirthing) aided recovery and feeding as well really

I was just so happy that we had a much more controlled birth that we were able to navigate through choices we made! I can’t thank you enough for your help.”

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