If Birth Doesn’t Go To ‘Plan’

If Birth Doesn’t Go To ‘Plan’

As soon as I received this email from Sophie I knew I needed to share it for a couple of reasons:

“Hey Louise,

So our little man has finally made his arrival with much protest and reluctance!! Haha!! 
After a 50 hour labour, and dilation of only 2cm, he was finally born by c-section on Wednesday.

I could be experiencing total shock at the delivery as it was very scary at times and the complete antithesis of all I had preferences for but thanks to you (so much) for all the positive birth chats and hypnobirthing techniques I feel really positively about the whole experience. 

… just wanted to say a huuuuge thank you!! You’ve been my biggest support (as well as Will of course) throughout pregnancy and I’m so happy our paths crossed. 

Much love,

Soph xxx”



First of all to reiterate what I say over and over again on workshops – my overriding aim is that you have the tools, techniques, knowledge and confidence to have a calm, peaceful, empowering birth whatever path it takes.

When I hear about births that didn’t go as ‘planned’ but where parents were able to apply the Hypnobirthing techniques they’d learnt with me, I know it makes a MASSIVE difference.

Secondly, as Sophie expresses here the, ongoing support that all my Hypnobirthing parents receive, unreservedly, from me is invaluable … being able to really express their fears as many times as they like with someone knowledgeable, that they know and trust really is gold-standard care and support.

So, whilst you could just read a Hypnobirthing book and listen to some tracks, having personal support on the phone, by email and in person is always going to outshine that option.

Sometimes people say to me ‘you must be inundated with mums & dads wanting to talk stuff through with you, it must be so time-consuming’ – you would think so, but 3 things occur to me here: Firstly, and most importantly, this is something I love and I’m passionate about – supporting mums and dads whatever their choices in the best way I can. I honestly never get bored of it! …. I learn from it myself, constantly, because no two people are the same.

Secondly, chatting to someone on the phone for 10-15 minutes isn’t actually that time-consuming – I can do it while I’m cooking, while I’m walking the dog and if it’s really not convenient I’ll just call them back when it is. I probably spend about 15 mins each day in total talking on the phone to someone or answering an email with a list of questions – it’s no biggy for me but can have an ENORMOUS effect on the person I’m supporting.

And, finally … I’m very conscious in everything I put out (website, social media stuff etc.) that I actually only want to attract my ideal client. I don’t try to sound clever, I don’t try to appeal to all, because, quite frankly, I don’t want to work with someone who’s not going to ‘get’ my sense of humour, or someone who’s just ticking a box ‘Yep, been to Hypnobirthing. Job done’ who isn’t willing to then put in the commitment afterwards, I don’t want to work with someone who’s going to take offence at the language I use or the fact that I’m quite blunt. Consequently, I tend to attract clients who’ve already decided I’m their kind of person, who I’m going to get on with, like and really enjoy supporting.

Some parents leave the workshop genuinely needing no further support and just get in touch once they’ve had their baby, some parents make lots of contact in the run-up to their birth … it all evens itself out time-wise.

Sophie is one of those clients I’ve mentioned above – I really like her and enjoyed our interesting discussions and I’m truly delighted by this email. Her birth didn’t go the way she’d expected but she’s been empowered by a positive birth experience anyway, because she prepared well …. and can I just say, RESPECT! ….  50 bloody hours of labour?! … this is one strong mum.


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