A Dad’s Hypnobirthing Story

A Dad’s Hypnobirthing Story

More on The Birth of Alfie … Mum Rosie shared her story and here Alfie’s Dad, Ryland’s explains why he’d recommend my Hypnobirthing Workshops to other partners.


Hi Louise,

As you know from the class I was very sceptical about the whole Hypnobirthing way, and even up until the main parts of labour was, but I must admit with out it I don’t know how Rosie would’ve managed, I’m sure fine but the Hypnobirthing definitely helped… just being there and being able to reassure her and keep reminding her of everything she had learned leading up to the birth seemed worth it. I found myself remembering things I didn’t even know I had taken in and putting them into practise “blow the dial” especially.

Rosie really leapt head first into the whole process from the day she decided to use Hypnobirthing, and it really showed when she went into labour, even in the hardest parts while at home she managed to stay calm and keep going through the motions. I mean, she was basically pushing our little Alfie out while at home and didn’t even realise it until the midwifes at the hospital told us to immediately get in the car and drive up, even during that drive, which was possibly more emotional then the actual birth, she was using her new learnt skills.

For any father/partner who is sceptical about the whole process I would recommend at least giving it a go, even if after you’re still a bit unsure, if your wife/partner is going to use it support them. Take in what you can, it will all become apparent during birth and will benefit all of you involved. It was one of the most magical things I’ve ever been involved with and the fact Rosie was so calm during it made it that much more special.

Many thanks,


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