The Birth of Rose

The Birth of Rose

Thank you Emily for sharing your positive Hypnobirthing story … welcome to The World, Rose! x

Hi Louise,

Our little girl, Rose Amelie Reeves, arrived last Friday morning after an 8 hour labour. 
My contractions started just before midnight and came on thick and fast. We called the birth centre who told us to sit tight for another hour or so and monitor the contractions. They were already regular as clockwork so I put on my tens machine played my hypnobirthing tracks and breathed them out in bed. An hour later, they were over a minute long and coming every 3-4 minutes. 
We then set off, me breathing my way through each one – I was amazed how slow and deep I was managing to breathe! Once at the centre, at about 4am, they examined me and I was shocked to be told I was already 8cm! I think the midwives were quite impressed that I’d managed to get that far with just the tens machine!
But, my birth centre experience wasn’t to be because when my waters ruptured, there was meconium in them so it was off to Pembury for us! The ambulance ride was bumpy but bearable / I could even tell where we were en route by the smell of cabbages in the fields and the roundabouts! I was grateful for gas and air at this point, but still kept focused on my breath and keeping calm. 
Once in the delivery suite, it slowed down a bit and took another couple of hours to reach 10cm. During this time baby had to be monitored and she remained calm throughout. I remember being very aware of being in transition but just talking myself through by being calm and focused. It took 45 minutes to push her out and I just feel like it was the most lovely experience. 
Yes, of course it hurt but I am so proud to have a positive birth experience to share!
Thank you so much for all your tips, I have raved about it to so many people now. 
Best wishes,

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