The (VBAC) Birth of Bethan Rose

The (VBAC) Birth of Bethan Rose

Rhiannon attended one of my Hypnobirthing Essentials Workshops in October. She has twins already who were born by caesarean and this time was keen to have a vaginal birth but she wasn’t ‘set’ on one ‘type’ of birth. What was important to her was that she remain calm and in control however her baby was to be born.

If you’re considering a VBAC do get in touch with any questions and have a read of my blog here

“Hi Louiseimage1 2

Well, that was timing! Bethan Rose arrived on the 14th at 5.45am – 7lb 7 of loveliness. 
VBAC with some ventouse help at the end but I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say one of the most incredible experiences. I am waxing lyrical about my prep with hypnobirthing/ yoga etc – it was the utterly best mental and physical preparation I could have had. I was wondering how it would all work in practice but work it did ….
We had a very long run up …. but I felt utterly calm throughout….. I was totally in the zone – my midwives said it was the calmest labour room in months and I really enjoyed/thrived on the experience of it.
….. just want to say a very big thank you!
Rhiannon xx”

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