Example Birth Plan

Example Birth Plan

Jane’s Preferences Partner – John

Jane would like to use a birthing pool if one is available to labour in and maybe to birth her baby in (will decide at appropriate time).

Jane would like to have a vaginal birth with minimal intervention. She understands that there may be a need for medical staff to suggest intervention and would like the opportunity for discussion of any that may be deemed necessary if that is appropriate.

As such, she would prefer:

–        to be left alone with John as much as possible.

–        Intermittent monitoring

–        No drip to be sited until necessary

–        Jane’s aware of pain relief options and will ask for them if she wants them. Please don’t suggest.

–        Physiological (Natural) third stage, no injection.

–        Optimal Cord Clamping

–        Baby to be passed straight to Jane once born.

–        Skin to skin

–        Jane & John to discover their baby’s sex themselves.

–        Baby to have Vitamin K injection/Baby to be given Vitamin K orally

–        John would like/would not like to cut the cord

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