Caesarean Birth Plan

Caesarean Birth Plan

Suggestions for a Caesarean Birth Plan

First of all, I have 3 tracks available specifically for mums planning a calm caesarean birth.

In the case of a planned caesarean birth here are some suggestions/questions that can be addressed beforehand. In fact, do remember that an ‘emergency’ caesarean is actually an ‘unplanned’ one – there’ll be time for discussion in this situation too. In the case of a ‘crash’ caesarean there will be no time for discussion and partners should be aware that they may need to wait outside the theatre. This is because there is a need for the baby to be born immediately and everything will happen very quickly – the baby will be born in a matter of minutes.

I would like a familiar midwife stay with me throughout the birth.

I’d like to know what’s happening, can someone give me a commentary?

I would/would not like the screen be lowered so that we can see our baby being born

Will our baby be born into bright lights or can this be avoided?

I would like the theatre be quiet at the moment of birth.

Can music be played during the birth?

I would like our baby be turned to face me as he/she is born.

Could someone take photos of the birth?

My partner & I would like to discover the sex of our baby.

I would like the cutting/clamping of the chord to be delayed until it has finished pulsating if everything is ok.

I would like my baby to passed straight to me for skin to skin

We would like the paediatrician to wait to check our baby until after we’ve had a cuddle

If I am not able to hold him/her I would like someone tell me what’s happening and make sure that I can see my baby all the time.

I would like to breastfeed while suturing takes place.

I would like my partner & baby to come with me into the recovery room.

If our baby needs to go to the Special Care Baby Unit, I would like my partner go with him/her.

If everything is well, the answer to most of these questions will be ‘Yes, of course’.

Pembury now try to carry out the Baby Friendly Caesarean – here is a link to their video clip with info.


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