How to build a Portable Birth Nest

How to build a Portable Birth Nest

If you’ve learnt and understood about birth hormones and why the environment you’re birthing in will have a big impact on how you labour progresses, you’ll understand why a portable birth nest is really important. Portable because wherever you’re planning on having your baby you might end up somewhere else. This is something that’s so easy to do and plan for and will minimise the impact of a journey during labour or of an unfamiliar environment.

With Hypnobirthing one of the key elements is building triggers for relaxation, here I’m suggesting thinking of ALL your senses and building as many triggers as you can for each of them.

First up, you’ll have all my tracks (along with a specific affirmations for labour track & the awesome music on its own too) that you’ll have been listening to religiously – my voice and the music will be rapid release triggers for you to feel calm. Use headphones to help you stay in your zone during your journey to a birth centre or hospital. Use an eyemask too. These will a) block out anything that might cause an adrenaline rush on the journey or on arrival and b) send a very clear message to everyone else, that you don’t want unnecessary disturbances, interruptions or chat!

Every time you listen to your tracks antenatally use the same duvet/blanket & pillow – utilising your sense of touch & adding another trigger – take it with you in labour

Every time you listen to your tracks antenatally have a favourite essential oil on a piece of tissue nearby (lavender is great) – utilising your sense of smell & adding another trigger – take it with you in labour. Your blanket & pillow will also smell of home.

You’ll want to dim the lights wherever you are, take some battery operated candles with you if you like.

Inspiring images – pics that are going to get the oxytocin building … people you love, pets, favourite places, affirmations – get creative!

You’ll have self help skills too – breathing techniques, visualisations, positions for labour & birth and don’t forget drinks & snacks to keep your energy up

So, here’s your checklist.

Tracks (downloaded to your phone)





Essential oil

Battery operated candles or fairy lights

Inspiring images – get a playlist/gallery together on your ipad

Drinks & snacks


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