Private Workshops

Private Workshops

RQ1U3447My Hypnobirthing workshops can be held privately in your own home. The cost of a Full Private Couples’ Hpnobirthing Workshop is £390 and this also includes an extra hour-long (roughly) session, with me, as you approach your birth, on a weekday.

I am also available to provide other antenatal preparation as well as Hypnobirthing Refresher sessions for those expecting subsequent babies who just want to ‘polish up’ their knowledge and don’t necessarily need a full course. £55 per hour plus mileage outside of Tunbridge Wells

Some couples do just my hypnobirthing course, some do NCT courses too.  If you’re not attending an NCT course, and decide that you’d like to have an add-on session covering, say, medical pain relief options, or practical baby care … anything really, that can be arranged too.

Any of my services can be tailored to exactly what you want.

Get in touch and we can talk through your specific needs and availability.

Other antenatal preparation sessions are £55 per hour with a minimum booking of 2 hours (plus mileage outside of T Wells)