Bumps, Bundles & Buggies

Bumps, Bundles & Buggies

Bumps, Bundles & Buggy walks in the park! 10.30-11.30am dates below

FREE group for parents. Nothing too arduous – a stroll a couple of times around Calverley Grounds followed by a cup of tea in the café. One lap around is half a mile, all on a path, no steps, buggy friendly. Bring your bump, your bundle in a sling, your buggy or all three! (in which case you’ve really got your hands full, I’ll help out!)

The main purpose is to get out, meet other local parents, chat through anything & everything and hopefully have a few laughs in a relaxed, inclusive and friendly environment… because, as we all know, being at home with a baby or toddler isn’t all hearts & rainbows. Sometimes it’s lonely & downright boring, right? A short walk in the park, chatting with a cup of tea at the end, ticks all the boxes for those days when you want to get out and clear your head with minimum effort & zero financial outlay!

The aim is to support parents’ mental and physical health by promoting well-being, raising awareness of antenatal and postnatal depression, highlighting the value of a supportive group & there’ll also be signposting to local & national info & support services should you want that … or you can just chat about what you watched on TV last night!

I facilitate these meet-ups as part of Tunbridge Wells NCT, but no need to be an NCT member or to have attended classes, ALL parents are welcome.

Upcoming Dates/times  Keep an eye on the TW NCT Facebook Page for updates.

We meet outside the cafe in Calverley Grounds at 10.30am to start walking. Bring cash if you’d like to join us for a cup of tea there afterwards.

May 22nd

June 5th, 19th

July 17th, 31st