FREE Antenatal Gatherings

FREE Antenatal Gatherings

Here’s some info on the free antenatal gatherings I run twice a month as part of the The Positive Birth Movement:

At all evening sessions partners are welcome too! (Due to popular demand!)

First of all, I cannot stress enough that this group is for ALL pregnant women/partners regardless of how/where they are planning on birthing their baby. Got that? This is for those planning a hospital birth, a home birth, caesarean birth, birth centre … for parents expecting their 1st baby or their 6th. I don’t care if you’re a ‘gimme-all-the-drugs’ kinda gal, or a joss-stick-burning, Kumbaya-chanting one. You’re all welcome and I promise you, you’ll ALL love it, everyone does!

There’s cake, as much as you can get down you in 90 minutes – just come for that if nothing else.

Then …. there’s the opportuity to meet other local parents and to get evidence-based info from me on everything to do with birth and your choices locally without judgement (all my credentials are here). You are the expert on your body & your baby and only you know what’s going to work for you. Whatever your choices, whatever path your birth takes, there are things you can put in place to make the experience a positive one.

Something magical happens when women come together to share and support. Have a look on the Facebook Page for reviews from other local mums just like you.

If you fancy coming along (and this bit’s important) you need to EMAIL me to book your space, it’s free, but for insurance purposes I need to know who’s coming. I’ll then send you my address.

The daytime groups are just for pregnant women but I run one evening group a month for partners to join us too (also listed on the FB page under Events) and partners are always welcome to get in touch with me for information or support via email, also free of charge.

There’s absolutely no ‘agenda’ with these meet-ups and no one is allowed to come along and sell you anything or promote a business or service, not even me!