Couples’ Workshop Content

Couples’ Workshop Content

By the end of the course you and your partner will feel dynamic, not daunted!  You’ll be excited about the journey ahead of you, and you’ll be calm and confident.

I’m able to keep the workshop to one day because the group is small. I’ve found that if I have more couples the workshop needs to be spread over 2 days which is less convenient for everyone!  So, it’s a long’ish day, but I promise you’ll find it relaxing – I’ll keep you topped up with homemade snacks & a delicious lunch and my home is cosy and comfortable (no dusty village hall for you!).

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover on the course:

Addressing fears, understanding where they are coming from and the effect that they can have on the labour process, reframing them….. Every sportsperson knows that if your mind’s not in the right place you’re not going to win the race … you have a sports psychologist to help you acquire and polish mental skills, you’re taught tools and techniques.  Hypnobirthing is sports psychology for giving birth.

Understanding what your body and your baby are doing during birth, what helps labour progress and what doesn’t and exactly what you can do about it.

Specific relaxation techniques that WILL help your body and baby work together.

Partners who attend my courses LOVE them, because they leave understanding that they have a very vital role to play and they’re totally confident in delivering it. They’re given clear strategies to support you during each phase of labour. And they’ll KNOW when to use them just by looking at and listening to you – that’s all covered. They’ll absolutely GET it.

Individual circumstances – how to get information from caregivers and make an informed decision as and when situations arise. You won’t be in the dark, you’ll understand all your options whatever path your birth takes. A positive birth doesn’t have to be a natural one, any birth can be positive.

The first hours after birth, bonding with your baby, bringing your baby home.

You’re going to feel completely supported every step of the way. Anyone attending my courses can get in touch anytime to ask questions, go over things again or just to talk things through. It’s my ‘thing’ … I love it and I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

You’ll be given Maggie Howell’s hypnobirthing book Effective Birth Preparation and my Hypnobirth Tunbridge Wells ten exclusive tracks to download: Pregnancy Relaxation, Releasing Fears & Anxiety, Birth Partners’ Track, Positive Birth Rehearsal, Affirmations for Pregnancy, and Affirmations for labour. Plus, Pregnancy Affirmations for a Planned Caesarean Birth, Calm Caesarean Birth Rehearsal and Affirmations for a Caesarean Birth. You’ll also have the soothing music on it’s own (without voice) to listen to during labour/birth, should you wish, as it will become a specific trigger for you to relax.

Also, on group courses, you’ll get a delicious homemade lunch, yummy snacks throughout the day and plenty of time for socialising with other local parents-to-be. What’s not to like?!

And you can read testimonials from other couples here and also look at the blog for my clients’ birth stories.