I cannot thank you enough, Louise; our extremely positive experience is 90% thanks to you and the techniques we learned through hypnobirthing (the other 10 belonging to to the gas and air!)


I’m so glad we went on Louise’s Hypnobirthing Workshop.  Even my husband commented on how useful the day was and how he was pleased I dragged him along. We both feel more prepared and less scared for our arrival and will spend the next few weeks looking forward to the birth.


As you know I was very sceptical about the whole Hypnobirthing way, but I have to admit that without it I don’t know how Rosie would’ve managed. I found myself remembering things I didn’t even know I’d taken in a putting them into practise. For any father/partner who is sceptical about the whole process I would recommend giving it a go…. Take in what you can, it will all become apparent during birth and will benefit all of you involved. It was one of the most magical things I’ve ever been involved with and the fact Rosie was so calm during it made it that much more special.


Having felt a bit overwhelmed about the upcoming months & birth, going to Louise’s hypnobirthing session really helped to give me the tools to calm myself! Alex & I listen to the tracks daily, which really makes me feel like we are doing something constructive, rather than just waiting for the baby to arrive! Louise is so enthusiastic and informative, the day was not only interesting but also lots of fun and the lunch was delicious!! I would recommend this course to everyone!!! 


We had heard great things about hypnobirthing and were keen to find a course in our area. We’re so glad we did. The day with Louise wasn’t just informative, it was fun! Louise has an infectious charm and enthusiasm for her craft. As first-time parents, we learned so much on the day. The post-course materials are fantastic, and give us the tools to practice before the big day. I should add that it’s helped me know what I, as the partner, can do to help Milly the best I can when baby decides to arrive. Definitely a course for both partners, and not just the mum-to-be! Can’t recommend enough. 


I was skeptical, but now have an understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ and how I can help Rachel cope with the emotional phases of labour.  I think more people should know about this course and I would like to have done it earlier.


I’m so pleased we did Louise’s Hypnobirhing course. It was  incredibly informative and full of useful tools, insights and techniques for a positive birth experience. It was very dynamic in its delivery, a mixture of discussion, information on paper/cards and video, etc and also plenty of time to ask questions and discuss any fears or concerns. Not to mention a delicious lunch! Yum yum!! Louise is fab too! She is so supportive and on hand to answer any queries or concerns you have about pregnancy and birth from the time you sign up and if she doesn’t know the answer she will find out and get back to you promptly. Would thoroughly recommend. We have also done antenatal classes but found the hypnobirthing by far the best at informing and preparing us for our experience ahead. 


My husband and I are so pleased we did Louise’s Hypnobirthing Workshop. We found the day truly inspirational … it really brought us even closer together in a way, we were so happy after we left having shared the experience. My husband was worried that he would feel like a helpless bystander (at the birth) … There’s no way he feels like that now.


I am really pleased that I attended this course with my wife.  I am feeling much more relaxed and calm about the weeks ahead.  The workshop was perfect!


We didn’t have the home birth we planned due to complications.  Going into hospital had been my biggest anxiety, but when I was transferred it just didn’t faze me – I used all the hypnobirthing tools and techniques and remained calm and in control.  My birth was straightforward and whilst I wouldn’t say it was pain-free at no point during labour or the birth did it overwhelm me. I’m so glad I prepared for the birth with you.


I feel 100% better about my birth.  I am excited, looking forward to it, believe I can do it and I’m so glad I came on the course!


Louise is an excellent teacher, great resources, really knows her stuff.  Good pace – never boring. We are really glad we came on the course and I am looking forward to the birth of our baby.


Got dragged along ……. glad I came! Was really apprehensive but I very quickly felt comfortable. Louise is a fantastic teacher and as a result of attending the course, I feel much more confident about supporting my partner during labour and birth.


Wondered if it would all be “fluffy-mumbo-jumbo” !! Didn’t think it would be ‘my sort of thing’! ……. very much changed my opinion! Louise’s style was really effective for me personally, a mix of kind/no-nonsense approach and I was pleased that there was a very balanced delivery of information – not just ‘this is best’, ‘natural is best’ etc. etc.


Louise is fab! Really informative, really balanced on options and having completed the course I feel much more empowered, informed and confident.