Women Only Essentials & Refresher Workshops

Women Only Essentials & Refresher Workshops

Hypnobirthing’s all about the preparation in advance … when people totally understand how and why hypnosis works, they’re more likely to actually do that preparation. That’s what these workshops are about – 4 hours of learning totally focussed on hypnobirthing only. Mums then leave with a Workshop Handout and all my tracks and all my unlimited support thereafter. If topics come up that we don’t have time for in this short workshop, we’ll arrange to talk on the phone and for me to send you info.

These workshops are for pregnant women only, I’ll send you home with additonal info for partners though. There’s no beating about the bush with these workshops – VALUE is what you’re getting & nobody else is offering this much value to you, I promise! It’s cheap as chips but everyone who’s attended has LOVED it.

Great for those short on time, or if you haven’t managed to get on to the Full Hypnobirthing Workshop. Perfect as a ‘refresher’ if you’ve used Hypnobirthing before & just want to top-up your knowledge and amazing value for money too!  Did you know you’re entitled to paid time off work for birth preparation classes? 

I offer a 15% discount if you’ve been or are booked on an NCT Signature Antenatal Course (any teacher, any time even if a few years back) reducing the cost of this workshop to £106.25. This must be claimed before you book your workshop with me by email (do not pay here by PayPal) 

When couples attend any NCT Course I know they’ll gain the best general antenatal education out there which cuts down on extra work/time for me. If you’ve attended (even with a previous birth) or you’re booked on an NCT Course email me for your discount.


At the end of the workshop you’ll have full understanding of how and why hypnosis works for birth. You’ll learn breathing techniques, how to work with your hormones, the physiology of birth, what helps labour progress and what doesn’t, how to get information from caregivers and make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby. Please note this not a full Hypnobirthing Course.

If you have any questions ping me an email or phone me.

The cost is £125 per pregnant woman and here’s what you get for that:

ALL 10 exclusive tracks (worth £65) for pregnancy, labour & birth to download

Workshop Handout

ALL the personal ongoing support from me, by phone or email, the same as the full Hypnobirthing Workshop. The number of times you can get in touch is unlimited!

Membership of my online community where you can ‘meet’ & chat to other local mums who’ve done Hypnobirthing with me – absolutely invaluable

Upcoming Essentials Workshops:

Friday February 8th 9am-1pm FULLY BOOKED

Friday March 8th 9am-1pm

Friday April 26th 9am-1pm

Friday May 17th 9am-1pm *2 couples spaces left*

Friday June 14th 9am-1pm

Friday Sept 6th 9am-1pm

Friday Oct 4th 9am-1pm

Friday Nov 1st 9am-1pm