Couples’ Full Hypnobirthing Workshops

Couples’ Full Hypnobirthing Workshops

The Couples’ Workshops are run on a Saturday, from 9.30 – 6.30/7’ish pm at my home in the heart of Tunbridge Wells. The day includes a delicious homemade lunch and snacks throughout the day. The space is beautiful and cosy. You’ll LOVE the day (both of you), I promise!

I occasionally run an extra Couples’ Full Workshop on a weekday too, when demand is high. These run from 9am – 6pm’ish Did you know you’re both entitled to paid time off work for birth preparation classes? 

You can attend the course at any time in your pregnancy – the sooner you start the more beneficial it will be, most couples come along from 30-36 weeks.

I’m available at the end of each day if you want to chat about anything in particular and also always by email or ‘phone….. you and your partner can call anytime you need an empowering pep-talk, have issues that arise or need more info. on anything at all. I promise you as much ongoing support as you need until you’re holding your baby.

You’ll also receive …

The Natal Hypnotherapy Book, ‘Effective Birth Preparation’ (worth £12.99)

10 exclusive tracks to download (worth £58)

Access to my wonderful, warm, supportive online community just for local parents who’ve also attended a workshop (priceless) …a place to meet others, share, ask questions and get quick answers from me and other parents too. A lovely, private space where I’ll provide all sorts of other extra birth/parenting resources too.

I want you to have the best antenatal education possible and to feel nutured, reassured and confident every step of the way.

The cost of the workshop is £250 per pregnant mum (partners attend for free!)

To find out the Workshop content click here

My Hypnobirthing workshops can be held privately in your own home on a weekday. The cost of a Full Private Couples’ Hpnobirthing Workshop is £500

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No December Workshop

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